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Fun and Opportunities

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Jody Hedlund, author of The Preachers Bride and a bloggy friend of mine when she held a book signing in my area. I had a lot of fun talking to her and learned a lot from her. She really encouraged me to keep my dream of getting published even when I'm taking a "break" from it right now. Even though it feels like I'll never have time to write again because I'm so busy with school, she inspired me since a similar situation happened to her before she started writing again.

And speaking of school, I thought I'd give you some picture updates with what I've been doing...
Cut & Highlights
Cut & Color
Cut & Color-lights!

 fantasy hair for class contest
Nail Art!
Fun Updo
Sophisticated Updo
And speaking of writing, I have a devotional up at! Read "A Third Way" as you leave.