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SECURE Acronym by Beth Moore

Saturday, I went to see a Beth Moore Simulcast at my church. She talked about her book “So Long, Insecurity”, and how to be a woman secure in Christ and in the world around her.

A secure woman is…

Saved from herself – I have nothing to gain from my insecurity. It will never improve anything. Insecurity is not humility, it is selfishness. When I choose to be a secure woman, I don’t have to be obsessed about what others think of me and can think of myself less often.

Entitled to truth – Insecurity is not a weakness, it is unbelief. The truth is God doesn’t make mistakes. He made me the way I am and thinks I am beautiful. I am wonderful in his eyes.

Clothed with intention – I must choose to be secure every day in every situation, even if I don’t feel secure. I can’t just wait to feel secure because it will never happen.

Upended by grace – Grace is forgiveness. Insecurity causes me to be easily offended and not want to forgive. But grace is something that I can give away yet still keep it for …

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Guard Your Heart

Growing up, I’ve always heard that sexual purity is important. But lately, I’ve been hearing how it’s just as important to save your emotional purity as well.

Emotional purity? What on earth is that? I assumed it was much like sexual purity, but in this case, keeping my emotions pure for the man I’ll marry. But how do I do that?

So I asked my friend, who has a lot more experience than I do with the ups and downs of relationships what she thought emotional purity meant.

“When I start any kind of relationship with a guy,” she told me, “whether it’s dating or “just friends”, it’s my goal stay emotionally pure. This means I’ll only let him have a little corner of my heart and I’ll still have the rest of it. That way, if this guy ends up leaving me, the part he took with him can still grow back.”

I nodded at the visual. “That makes sense…” I said slowly, “but especially if I’m dating a guy, I’d want him to know I like him, too. It just sounds like I can’t show him any emotion.”

“There’s a …

Little Blessings

This week, God gave me five little blessings. Kittens that is.

Momma peacefully with her babies (can you find all five?) How has God blessed you this week in the little things?