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My love, Toby.

Today is my dog, Toby's, 11th birthday, but this year, we won't be able to celebrate with him. 5 days ago, we had to put him down.

Cancer had invaded his bones and the weather was taking toll on him. He was the best dog ever and will always be remembered and always be loved.

Toby February 22, 2000 - February 17, 2011

The last picture I took of him.

This is the last picture my sister took of him. It's special because he's actually looking at the camera and he hates getting his picture taken. Isn't he adorable? I bet he's giving people looks like that in heaven to get some extra kisses and belly rubs. ♥ 

True Beauty Day

Most of you know of my passion for girls to see their true beauty and helping them feel as beautiful as they really are. That was the reason for my career decision as a cosmetologist. I've been carrying on the Operation Beautiful mission by having the words "You Are BEAUTIFUL" written on my mirror at school. (My mom even wrote a post about this, it impacted her...check it out!

As I was coming home from school yesterday (after lamenting over my nail that broke off earlier) I was listening to the radio, as always, and heard an interveiw with Gracie Flanagan, the mind behind an event called "True Beauty Day".

True Beauty Day takes place Friday, April 22nd, 2011. Four years ago, she and her friend came up with the idea for True Beauty Day their freshman year of high school. Gracie's friend joked about how she really didn't want wear makeup to school tomorrow, so she and Gracie decided for the next w…