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2 things...

Hey, everybody!

I was privileged to have the chance to interview Betsy St. Amant, Christian fiction author with Steeple Hill. Check out the interview over at Real Teen Faith:

I was also featured it a post at Check it out!

Have a great day and a lovely weekend! ♥

Happy Birthday, Toby!

Yesterday my beloved dog, Toby, turned 10-years-old! I can't believe it's been a decade with him already! I love him so much, I'm dedicating this post to him with pictures instead of words, in the true spirit of how animals communicate love.

{He'll never admit he likes our cats...;)}

{For some reason that alludes me, he doesn't like looking at the camera. So we have a lot of pictures with our hands in it like this one :)}
{Me and Tobs. Happy Birthday! ♥}

Take A Stand

Remember Cassidy Ladd from the Just Walk Across the Room skit series? Well, she's back with an amazing story on how she took a stand for what she knew was right!

the story of Cassidy Ladd as told to RTF Staff Writer Sarah Rupp

Cassidy pressed the eraser of her pencil to her lips and stared at the form for the school play. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare” lined the top of the page in big, bold lettering, and three questions followed. Checks marked the page beside the other two, but the third question had Cassidy stumped: “Do you mind kissing on stage?”

Her mind took her back to the day when she was sitting in her car and felt God leading her not to kiss until her wedding day. “To be honest, the idea just came out of the blue,” Cassidy says. “I’d never heard of anyone else doing it before. It was definitely God-led!” So Cassidy made a promise to God that she would save her first kiss for marriage.

But in that moment, staring at that piece of paper, it was one of the hardest…

My Father

Tiny warm fingers curled around mine. I looked down to find Allie looking up at me with her big blue eyes. “I want my daddy. Can you help me find him?”

I smiled. “Sure.” At that, Allie took the lead to the door, leaving the nursery and the other childcare workers. The empty halls indicated the meeting must be over, and Allie’s dad would be somewhere around here.

Allie skipped ahead, blonde curls bouncing as she searched for her father. Still holding her hand, I struggled to keep up with her. I would not be seen running through the halls of a public building!

But eventually, Allie’s pace began to slow. Then it slowed some more. Soon, we were side by side once again. “Getting tired, Allie?”

Allie stopped and looked at me, her tiny eyebrows knit together and her eyes filling with tears. “Where is my daddy? I can’t find him!”

I knelt down putting my hands on her shoulders and assured her. “We’ll find him.”

She started ahead of me again, but this time, her pace was slow, she drug her feet and he…

A Favorite Dress

What was your favorite article of clothing when you were a child?

I’m going to throw out a lucky guess that you answered a dress of some sort.

It was mine, too. Just the feeling of twirling around, making the skirt flow, the freedom I felt and the way it made me want to dance. But most of all, it made me feel beautiful.

But what if you didn’t have that dress? What if you never experienced that feeling of being carefree and beautiful?

In some third-world countries, the little girls don’t know the feeling of having a favorite dress. They are lucky to have more than one outfit, not to mention a pretty dress to twirl in.


Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress. What if that dress were made by you?

That’s the motto of Dress a Girl Around The World, an affiliate of Hope 4 Women International. All you need to give a little girl a favorite dress is a slight knowledge of sewing, bias tape, and a pillowcase. Yes, that’s right, what you use to cover your pillows can be a d…