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I stood in front of a wall with a million tiny pictures spread across my eyesight, each telling a different story. I studied each one confused to the point of a headache how these could relate to each other. A glowing mother nurses her baby in one, a filthy child in a third-world country cries in another. Each picture so different. Some made my heart break and some made my heart flutter with joy. I tried to puzzle them together in my head taking each in a methodical order, only to frustrate myself. What is this supposed to be? I screamed. I don’t understand!
With my nose pressed against the wall I looked back and forth, up and down. Some of the pictures were even too high up for me to see. I’m not the tallest person, you see.So I stepped back. Even more pictures appeared. What is this? I stamped my foot and balled my fists. I’m tired of trying to figure this out myself!
Then why are you? A voice said. I looked around but saw nothing.
Who said that? Who are you? I demanded.
I’m the Master …