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Love is...

patient: "bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint."

kind: "showing or having a gentle considerate nature."

joyful: "happy, joyous, lighthearted."

true: "steadfast, loyal, honest, just."

enduring: "abiding, firm, never-failing, unfaltering, unquestioning, wholehearted"

Love is not....

jealous: "intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness, possessive, suspicious, distrustful."

boastful: "to express pride in oneself, puff up."

proud: "showing or feeling superiority toward others."

rude: "discourteousorimpolite inadeliberateway."

demanding: "to ask for something as or as if one's right or due."

irritable: "easily exasperated, disagreeable."

- 1 Corinthians 13
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

"God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, …

Fun and Opportunities

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Jody Hedlund, author of The Preachers Bride and a bloggy friend of mine when she held a book signing in my area. I had a lot of fun talking to her and learned a lot from her. She really encouraged me to keep my dream of getting published even when I'm taking a "break" from it right now. Even though it feels like I'll never have time to write again because I'm so busy with school, she inspired me since a similar situation happened to her before she started writing again.

And speaking of school, I thought I'd give you some picture updates with what I've been doing...
Cut & Highlights
Cut & Color
Cut & Color-lights!

 fantasy hair for class contest
Nail Art!
Fun Updo
Sophisticated Updo
And speaking of writing, I have a devotional up at! Read "A Third Way" as you leave.

What I've been up to lately

Hey, everybody!

So I've been really busy with cosmetology school since August and haven't had much time to update. School has been a lot of fun! I've also been busy planning an online modest fashion show over at my other blog, Mod Style Lounge. This is the release:

"A Girl’s Life Fashion Week is a modest fashion show hosted here, at Mod Style Lounge, for those of us who are proud to be girls, but protective of the bodies God has entrusted us with. The event takes place October 1-8, 2010. What you’ll do is post yourself wearing an outfit that fits within the theme of each day. You must participate in at least 5 of the 8 days to have a chance to win. The themes of each day will be... (go here to read more:

Join the fun!!!

Before you leave, I want to share probably one of the best music videos I've ever seen. Check it out!

On my reading list...

So, I have a rather extensive reading list, but these are a few I most want to read...

Seeds of Summer (Seasons of Tallgrass #2) by Deborah Vogts
I read the first one in this series (Snow Melts In Spring) a while back after winning it from an online contest. And I'll say simply...I LOVED it. I would really, REALLY love to read this one! ON BACK COVER: When opposites attract, sparks fly--like an electrical malfunction. That's what happens when former rodeo queen Natalie Adams meets the new pastor in Diamond Falls. A heart-warming contemporary romance set in the Flint Hills of Kansas where a former rodeo queen abandons her dreams in order to care for her deceased father’s ranch and her two half-siblings, only to realize with the help of a young new pastor that God can turn even the most dire circumstances into seeds of hope. Spanning the Seasons of the Tallgrass, each story in this series reveals the struggle of the people who live there and the dreams they have for the land until …

The Smaller Things

While I was in Canada (I talked about getting ready to go in this post), I brought my new copy of Guys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti by Chad Eastham (which is an awesome book I highly recommend for all teens. Check it out.) and read it when I had free time (mostly on the bus on the way down and back). In one of the chapters, Chad says the only way to conquer a fear is to do the very thing that scares you. This is not a pleasant thought for me. I’d say my number one fear is public speaking. It terrifies me.

My church does a special sermon in each service after we come back from our youth trips where several youth tell a little bit about the trip. I received a copy of the sermon outline and saw I was not speaking. Relief flooded through me. A good way to end my last trip with the youth group, I thought. Sitting in the pews listening to the others talk.

But a few days before the sharing Sunday, my youth pastor contacted me and told me that a girl who was speaking was unable to come. …

Vote for me!

Here is reminder of my outfits for the week:

Vote for me! Go to Natasha's blog and leave a comment that I was your favorite! {That is, if I was. Don't lie for me. hahaha}
NEW! Now select "Miss Sarah" on the poll, along with two other ladies if you wish!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed.

Shout It! Day 7 Entry

It's the last day of the online modest fashion show. Boohoo!!! :'( It's been a lot of fun!

For my last entry...I call this my free-spirted look ;D

I envy those of you who have wavy hair that actually looks good naturally. My bottom layer is wavy and my top layer is straight. So it looks kinda weird. I either have to straighten underneath, or curl the top layer. But since mechanical heat curls don't stay in my hair, I had to find another option. I found the Newave Curl Easy Pro Brush. It's easy and stays all day! {end infomercial} LOL

It looks a little funny in this one because the wind is blowing it forward, but oh well. haha =]
Back to my outfit... Top: JCPenny Boyfriend jeans rolled up: Old Navy Shoes: Walmart (wore these earlier this week)

Shout It! Day 6 Entry

Two more days of Natasha's Online Modest Fashion Show! There's still time to enter twice to win!

This is my outfit for today...

I don't think I'll be wearing the sweater though, since it's sweltering in the 90's. Even the breeze feels hot!

Top: Forever 21 Jacket: Maurice's Necklace: My other grandma's =] Shorts: Kohls Flip flops: Target

Shout It! Day 5 Entry

It's so hot out today!!! I'm sweating just standing outside! I definitely won't be wearing these boots for the rest of the day. I'm thinking barefoot. =]

MY OUTFIT: Top: Forever 21 Necklace: my grandma's Bracelet: I made it =] Skirt: Kohls Boots: Walmart

Shout It! Day 4 Entry

It's not too late to enter Natasha's Online Modest Fashion Show! To qualify for the prizes, you need at least two outfit entries, and there are 4 days left!

My Sunday outfit:

Top: Target Skirt: Old Navy Shoes: Journeys
Happy 4th! "God bless the WHOLE WORLD. No exceptions." =]

Shout It! Day 3 Entry

This is what I'm wearing today:

I ♥ my shortsleeve with a hood. It's kind useless, though, because if you're wearing a shortsleeve, you don't really need a hood. Oh, well. It's just fun for pictures like this. =]
MY OUTFIT Top: Kohls Bottoms: Kohls Shoes: Payless
I don't know about you, but I personally dislike it how modesty and fashion are so often separated. You can either be modest, or be in fashion. The media likes to glamorize fashion as showing off your body. But I believe you can be modest and fashionable at the same time! In fact, I think being modest is a fashion statement in itself. When you choose to be modest, it's like breaking away from the pack and setting the standard for the people around you. When you dress modest, you show respect to yourself, others, and God and the body he gave you for only one man (your husband/future husband) to see. 
Here are some of my favorite fashion bloggers who make modesty look fashionable!

I adore Elaine at Clothed…

Shout It! Day 2 Entry

Today's look is a little more casual...

I'm starting to think my cat just loves the camera!

But I love him anyway. =]
MY OUTFIT Top - Target Bottoms - Walmart (yes, THE walmart. You can find SOME cute stuff there!) Shoes: Walmart (again!) Sunglasses: Dollar General (SCORE!)

Shout It! Day 1 Entry

I'm participating in Natasha Atkerson's Online Modest Fashion Show, and you can too! Head over to her blog for details. Here is my entry for today:

My cat likes my skirt. More for the shade than anything. But hey, at least he hides from the sun in style!

My shoes, since you couldn't see them well in the first picture.
MY OUTFIT Top: Target Skirt: Charlotte Russe Shoes: Target (love that store!)

Dear Future Guy

Katelyn drew her legs up in her favorite chair and tapped the pencil on her notepad. The words flowed into her mind and she transferred them onto paper…

May 10, 2010

Dear Future Husband,

It feels kind of weird writing to you when I don’t even know you. But I know you’re out there. Somewhere. I’m writing because I want you to know I’m praying for you. To grow in the Lord everyday and become a strong man of God. I’m also writing to make a pledge of purity to you, God, and myself. Not only sexually, but also emotionally. I pray that you’ll be able to resist temptations and stay pure for me, like I am for you. With God’s help, I will do everything I can to stay pure. Ipromise myself to only you. Forever.

With love, Katelyn

Years later, Katelyn dug out the letter from inside her journal. Could the guy she just went out with be the one she’d give this letter? She smiled, remembering the time they had together and re-read the letter, reminding herself of her pledge to purity. To guard her hear…

I Graduated!

(pictures courtesy of my sister and my mom's friend, Jean)

The cake! Beautiful table setting

Mmmmm....mints =] My life in a picture timeline

Me at the display table
      A hug from daddy =]

Me with the diploma and my family ♥  
Mom giving her lovely speech
FOOD! Begin the party!
SO...summer is usually a really busy time of year for me. Then, in August, I'll be attending cosmetology school. I've decided not to write on a regular schedule anymore, but I hope to post some things every once and a while. Hope to see you back when I do! Until then, visit, where I blog every three weeks =]

SECURE Acronym by Beth Moore

Saturday, I went to see a Beth Moore Simulcast at my church. She talked about her book “So Long, Insecurity”, and how to be a woman secure in Christ and in the world around her.

A secure woman is…

Saved from herself – I have nothing to gain from my insecurity. It will never improve anything. Insecurity is not humility, it is selfishness. When I choose to be a secure woman, I don’t have to be obsessed about what others think of me and can think of myself less often.

Entitled to truth – Insecurity is not a weakness, it is unbelief. The truth is God doesn’t make mistakes. He made me the way I am and thinks I am beautiful. I am wonderful in his eyes.

Clothed with intention – I must choose to be secure every day in every situation, even if I don’t feel secure. I can’t just wait to feel secure because it will never happen.

Upended by grace – Grace is forgiveness. Insecurity causes me to be easily offended and not want to forgive. But grace is something that I can give away yet still keep it for …

Not here this week...

Hey, everybody! Check my other blog,, to find me this week. We'll be exploring fashion icons of the past decades. So head on over and check it out!

God bless!
Sarah ♥

Guard Your Heart

Growing up, I’ve always heard that sexual purity is important. But lately, I’ve been hearing how it’s just as important to save your emotional purity as well.

Emotional purity? What on earth is that? I assumed it was much like sexual purity, but in this case, keeping my emotions pure for the man I’ll marry. But how do I do that?

So I asked my friend, who has a lot more experience than I do with the ups and downs of relationships what she thought emotional purity meant.

“When I start any kind of relationship with a guy,” she told me, “whether it’s dating or “just friends”, it’s my goal stay emotionally pure. This means I’ll only let him have a little corner of my heart and I’ll still have the rest of it. That way, if this guy ends up leaving me, the part he took with him can still grow back.”

I nodded at the visual. “That makes sense…” I said slowly, “but especially if I’m dating a guy, I’d want him to know I like him, too. It just sounds like I can’t show him any emotion.”

“There’s a …

Little Blessings

This week, God gave me five little blessings. Kittens that is.

Momma peacefully with her babies (can you find all five?) How has God blessed you this week in the little things?

My Grandpa

I did this interview with my grandpa for a Christian Writer's Guild assignment. Hope you enjoy his story!

Shuffling though the pile of mail on the table, Delmer spotted an envelope with the words “Selective Service” printed across the front. A sigh slipped between his lips. This was the second time he’d received a draft letter from the military. If only the draft would’ve been just a few months later, then he’d be too old to get drafted. Last time he received a draft letter during World War II, he wasn’t able to go because work had to be done on the farm. But this time was the Korean War, and he would have to go. Delmer ran his hands through his hair. He signed as a Conscientious Objector (CO), so at least he wouldn’t be fighting. But it was a still task he wished not to do.

He settled himself into the chair to contemplate what would come next. As a Mennonite, it was against his beliefs to fight in wars. Mennonite pacifists believe God called Christians to be peacemakers, (Matt. 5:9…

Why I want to go to She Speaks Conference ‘10

I scrolled down the page to find my Christian Writers' Guild mentor’s critique. The underlined red font read:

You are very creative and you have FABULOUS ideas that would make most novelists jealous.

My heart soared and a smile pulled at the corner of my lips. I could be a novelist! All my stories hidden away on my computer could be published one day. With new found confidence, I wrote a few short stories and entered them in contests. But the questions still circled my head, “Are my ideas really good enough? Is my writing good enough?”

My mom heard about a devotion writing contest where the prize for winning was a scholarship to She Speaks, a writer & speaker conference. A devotion writing contest. Not a short story contest, or even any kind of fiction for that matter. Non-fiction devotions. Which I was sure I could never be good at. I thrived on the fiction lessons in my Christian Writer’s Guild, and barely limped through the non-fiction (especially poetry, but that’s a st…

Dream the Impossible

“You’ll never be able to do that.”

“That’s impossible.”

“You can’t expect God to do everything. He has better things to do.”

Ever heard those statements? I have. Why do we limit God like that? In reality, He has an unlimited amount of time and can be everywhere at once. He cares about every little detail in each of our lives. I love how Luke 1:37 simply states: “Nothing is impossible for God!”

My writing mentor has often told me to “Dream big. God Does!” I’ve passed that bit of wisdom on to a lot of different people. God delights in doing the impossible. He loves setting himself up just to show what He can do. And He can do anything He wants. He does more than we ask of Him. Maybe in ways we don’t recognize at first, but it always brings glory to Him in the end, and that’s what we’re made for. God always answers prayers.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

So there are my qu…

We Are

Another song by me :)

The gravel under my feet
Before me I see
A million miles of desert land, sand blowing in my face
I can see the sun
I’ve seen it for days
But I know it guides me to what I’ve been searching for

And all this time
I know you’re before me, yet you’re right beside me
So I follow the sun
And know that in the end I’ll reach what I’ve been pushing for

We are the ones, who walk this land
While they’re all sleeping
We are the ones, who know the way
While they’re all seeking

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fall asleep
But know if you do
I’ll be here to hold you
I'll be right here

We are the ones, who walk this land
While they’re all sleeping
We are the ones, who know the way
While they’re all seeking

We are...
We are...
We are the ones who know the way...

God – Author of Romantic Suspense

I am currently in a book study group and lately we’ve been talking about guys and dating. I had the chance to show them my future guy must-haves list and tell them about my standards of purity. When I was in eighth grade, not only did I make the pledge to God and myself and my future husband to stay sexually pure until marriage, I also felt led to promise to God that I would not date through high school. I had no idea why, but I just had a peace in my heart about the choice and felt it was better for me for some reason.

Now I can really see why. Most high school sweethearts don’t end up together. When I made my list, I decided I was not going to date anyone who didn’t match up. That means I’d only date a guy who I’m thinking about marrying. We talked a little about emotional attachment and planning your life around the guy once you start college (I have something coming up about this in the future), which is another downfall of dating in high school.

That’s not to say I haven’t been w…

2 things...

Hey, everybody!

I was privileged to have the chance to interview Betsy St. Amant, Christian fiction author with Steeple Hill. Check out the interview over at Real Teen Faith:

I was also featured it a post at Check it out!

Have a great day and a lovely weekend! ♥

Happy Birthday, Toby!

Yesterday my beloved dog, Toby, turned 10-years-old! I can't believe it's been a decade with him already! I love him so much, I'm dedicating this post to him with pictures instead of words, in the true spirit of how animals communicate love.

{He'll never admit he likes our cats...;)}

{For some reason that alludes me, he doesn't like looking at the camera. So we have a lot of pictures with our hands in it like this one :)}
{Me and Tobs. Happy Birthday! ♥}