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Hot Cinnamon Spice Apple "Cider"

I LOVE spiced apple cider for fall! It's the perfect drink to curl up with under a blanket while reading a good book. But it's hard to find real apple cider since the stuff they sell in the grocery stores is required to be pasteurized. So practically, you're paying more for a drink that just tastes the same as apple juice. So here's an easy way I make my own cider-tasting drink.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Apple "Cider" Recipe

Ingredients: 100% Apple Juice 1 Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea
Directions: Microwave on high 2 minutes the apple juice in a microwave-safe mug. Insert tea bag and let steep for 5-10 minutes. Take out the tea bag and enjoy!
See? It's simple and delicious! Also, the Hot Cinnamon Spice tea is great on its own with water. My mom and my favorite, especially for fall and winter!