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Book Review: Indelible by Kristen Heitzmann

"The image you left was very strong." Hands pressed to her back, she paced in short quick steps. "If what I capture is emotionally static, it fades. If not, it leaves an indelible imprint until I transfer it to the clay."

Natalie has a gift; or is it a curse? Her eidetic memory allows her to capture emotion into her sculptures like no one else. But when Trevor McDaniel, a search and rescue volunteer, recovers her nephew, Cody, from the jaws of a mountain lion and the toddler is left in the care of Natalie, and she wonders, with this “gift”, if she’s fit to take care of Cody by herself.
Trevor’s strong protector quality drives him to take Cody under his wing and meanwhile, a budding romance forms between him and Natalie. Trevor struggles with breaking free from his own past, and tries to compensate by helping Cody face his fears.
A psychotic stalker is somewhere in their midst, deep in the shadows. First blackmailing Trevor, then threatening closer and closer to h…