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Book Review: Not This Time by Vicki Hinze

Beth Dawson is a powerful woman, a millionaire business owner, and is beautiful and intelligent. It seems she has it all, but one thing she can’t control is her best friend’s life. When Sara marries Robert Tayton, there is something about him that pushes every one of Beth’s buttons.

Because of this, Beth and Sara’s relationship becomes strained, and when Robert turns up missing, Beth is a main suspect. Beth must prove her innocence to the town in order to keep their respect, but most of all, to her best friend in order to maintain their relationship.
But as they tread deeper into the investigation, they begin to realize the real suspect may be closer to home than they think.
NOT THIS TIME Book Trailer from Vicki Hinze on Vimeo.

The first thing I want to say is that I absolutely loved this novel! I have never heard of this author, Vickie Hinze, before but I will definitely be reading more from her in the future. She is an amazing writer who created great, real characters, a brilliant p…