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Postponed Skits and Understanding God’s Will

As you may have noticed, skit 4 is not being shown today. Because of illness in the leading actress, the skit has been postponed until next Sunday, when it will be combined with the last skit.

When I got the phone call Saturday evening that Cassidy, or “Tracy” was sick, I was devastated. I so looked forward to seeing yet another piece of my writing come to life. I wondered what God was trying to accomplish in this.

God does all things to bring glory to Himself. How could postponing the skit bring Him glory? Every Sunday, the skits went so well with the message, almost echoing what the pastor preached in his or her sermon. It could only be God. So what is He doing now?

As a human, it frustrates me how I’ll never understand what God does and why. I may never find out what He is doing in this, but I just need to trust it’s for my own good and His Glory. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpo…

Just Walk Across The Room Skit Series | Part 3

Please welcome Cassidy Ladd and Laura R.!

Watch: Part 1Part 2

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Video Contest for Teens!

How Do You Text It?
Hosted by Real Teen Faith (

Admit it, you're obsessed with texting. You can text anywhere – especially places you’re not supposed to – like through your book bag in algebra class when you think the teacher isn’t looking. And I bet you’ve texted in some of the weirdest places and would love to brag to the world about it, and make a little cash while you're at it. You’re in luck, because that’s what this contest is all about! So grab your video camera and take a video of yourself or get a friend to videotape you doing crazy stuff while texting in all the weirdest and coolest places you can fit into a clip under thirty-seconds.For more info about entering this contest, visit hurry, contest ends November 26!

Feel free to share this information in your sphere of influence. You can repost it as a blog, tweet about it, facebook it, or whatever you can do. This contest i…

Just Walk Across The Room Skit Series | Part 2

And now for another installment of the JWATR skit series!

While you're surfing around online, check out a new blog about fashion, beauty, and modesty I started with some friends:

This Thursday, instead of the Meg series, I'll be doing something a little different, so check back for that! :)

Just Walk Across The Room Skit Series | Part 1

I wrote a skit series for my church's sermon campaign "Just Walk Across The Room" after the book by Bill Hybels. The video isn't very good quality since I recorded it with my digital camera, but it'll do. :) Play the video to watch it!

The wonderful actress is Cassidy Ladd. Remember that name. She's great! Oh, and no, that deep voice isn't the real God. ;) It's another amazing actor named Chris H.

And, yes, I'm still doing the Meg series, but for the next five weeks, I'll be doing this series Mondays and the Meg series Thursdays.