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Book PREveiw: Outlining Your Novel

I recently ordered the book Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success by K.M Weiland. I can't wait for it to get here! Outlining my novel is something I have trouble with. I just want to write, and sometimes that's a good thing, but mostly, it's a bad thing because I don't know where I'm going next with the story line. I'm excited to learn how to "map my way to success"!

Plus, if you order it from now until Friday on, you can win a ton of great prizes from the author, K.M Weiland, including a Kindle! Click on this link to learn more: Help boost this author in Amazon's ratings!

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Product Description Writers often look upon outlines with fear and trembling. But when properly understood and correctly wielded, the outline is one of the most powerful weapons in a writer’s arsenal. Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success will …

Author Kristen Heitzmann

Ever since I started reading novels, Kristen Heitzmann has been one of my favorite authors. The first "adult" novel I ever read was her Freefall. My summer reading consisted of her two latest, Indivisible and Indelible.

Her writing always takes me on such an adventure, whether it be to tropical Hawaii or to the mountains of cowboy country. She inspired me to write.

Not only is it the romance and suspense of each of her novels that I love and that keeps me turning the pages, what sets Kristen apart form other romantic suspense authors is the psychological side of them. In each of her novels, there is a dark and twisted character, but somehow you understand him or her, like you're in his or her mind.

Often times, a main character will a psychological ailment that prevents them from facing their fears or finding love. Her characters and very relatable, and the female is usually arsty and creative, while the male is usually very rough and masculine (which I do not mind at a…