Video Contest for Teens!

How Do You Text It?
Hosted by Real Teen Faith (

Admit it, you're obsessed with texting. You can text anywhere – especially places you’re not supposed to – like through your book bag in algebra class when you think the teacher isn’t looking. And I bet you’ve texted in some of the weirdest places and would love to brag to the world about it, and make a little cash while you're at it. You’re in luck, because that’s what this contest is all about! So grab your video camera and take a video of yourself or get a friend to videotape you doing crazy stuff while texting in all the weirdest and coolest places you can fit into a clip under thirty-seconds. For more info about entering this contest, visit But hurry, contest ends November 26!

Feel free to share this information in your sphere of influence. You can repost it as a blog, tweet about it, facebook it, or whatever you can do. This contest is being spread completely by grassroots. If you're in contact with teens, or know someone who may be interested in this contest, pass it on!

For more info, check Real Teen Faith editor, BJ Hamrick's blog:


  1. Thanks, Sarah! My daughter and her friend are forever making goofy videos and this will give them an actual video goal to work to because, Lord knows, they do enough texting!

  2. I'm about to admit something embarrassing; I've never sent a text before. LOL. Yes, I'm allowed, yes, I have my own phone... but I pretty much hate talking on the phone and stuff, so ya know. Haha.

  3. lol Arianna, I've never texted before either! And I'm running this contest! So you're okay. :) That's why I'm in charge and not participating. =D

  4. LOL! I thought for sure I was the only one ;)


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