I Graduated!

(pictures courtesy of my sister and my mom's friend, Jean)

The cake!
Beautiful table setting

Mmmmm....mints =]
My life in a picture timeline

Me at the display table

      A hug from daddy =]

Me with the diploma and my family ♥  

Mom giving her lovely speech

FOOD! Begin the party!

SO...summer is usually a really busy time of year for me. Then, in August, I'll be attending cosmetology school. I've decided not to write on a regular schedule anymore, but I hope to post some things every once and a while. Hope to see you back when I do! Until then, visit http://modstylelounge.blogspot.com/, where I blog every three weeks =]


  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I hope you enjoy cosmetology school. I had no idea you had an interest in that area.

    I'm sad to hear you won't be writing on a regular basis and I hope you won't quit pursuing writing.

    Quick question: What is on your display table? My son graduates in early June and we are making a display table and I'm thinking of ideas of what to put on it. Thanks!

  2. I also graduated last week (with my ceremony and party coming up soon). Congratulations and God bless as you begin this new journey holding His hand!

  3. Thanks, Bonita! I will definitely continue to pursue writing, but right now, I really need a break. It’s been pretty hectic and I’ve been on writer’s block for the past few months. I still want to have a novel published, but that will take a lot of hard work, and just writing alone will not provide me with a steady income. So, as my writing mentor advised me, I need to get a “real job” if I want to be able to write. =]
    On my display table was: My diploma (of course!), a bunch of stuff I wrote (one is from when I was ten, another from when I was twelve, and another from when I was fourteen), then I have stuff I did in Christian Writer’s Guild, my favorite pieces I drew in art class, pictures of me in different stages of my life or special things I did, and photography I took myself. Beside me is a collage of pictures from when I got baptized and the towel they give you at my church that tells the date of baptism. We also made a photobook on snapfish.com but forgot to put it out! That had more photos of me growing up and some photography I took.

  4. Thanks, Rose! Congratulations to you, too! =]

  5. Congrats on graduating! That's so exciting! :)


  6. congrats on graduating! I will be following you soon on MAY 22ND! :))) I cannot wait. What do you want to do with your cosmetology degree open a salon or focus on nails..etc?

  7. Thanks, both of you!

    The school where I will be going is focused mostly on hair, and that's what I want to do, cut hair. I'll probabaly just cut hair in a salon, but who knows what the future might hold! =]

  8. Congrats Sarah!!!! So excited for this new chapter being written in your life! Praying that you would be continually aware of God's presence with you every step of the way. Blessings! :)

  9. Congrats... are you going to move out on your own or are you going to stay with your parents for a while?

  10. Congratulations!!! Looks like a fun party!

  11. Thanks, Kristen, Emily, and Ariel!

    Emily, I'm commuting back and forth. My parents told me I could stay with them after I graduate too, until I can get my clientele up and have enough money to provide for myself. I'm glad they're not kicking me out to live on my own =D haha

  12. Congrats, Sarah! Me and my fam are in the process of planning my older sis's graduation...and we are having a blast doing it!

  13. Congratulations! I just wanted to let you know you've been awarded at my blog. =) Check it out!


  14. Super huge congratulations! Finishing school is a tremendous epoch. Now the real work begins! Enjoy your summer.


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