God – Author of Romantic Suspense

I am currently in a book study group and lately we’ve been talking about guys and dating. I had the chance to show them my future guy must-haves list and tell them about my standards of purity. When I was in eighth grade, not only did I make the pledge to God and myself and my future husband to stay sexually pure until marriage, I also felt led to promise to God that I would not date through high school. I had no idea why, but I just had a peace in my heart about the choice and felt it was better for me for some reason.

Now I can really see why. Most high school sweethearts don’t end up together. When I made my list, I decided I was not going to date anyone who didn’t match up. That means I’d only date a guy who I’m thinking about marrying. We talked a little about emotional attachment and planning your life around the guy once you start college (I have something coming up about this in the future), which is another downfall of dating in high school.

That’s not to say I haven’t been wishing I could just know this guy right now. But it drives me bonkers when girls talk about settling for less. Because they can’t wait for Mr. Right. Because they’re afraid he doesn’t exist.

But the thing is, I totally understand. I’ve often times wondered how long I’ll be single, and I can’t lie, I’ve worried about never getting married. It’s just how girls are created. Even at the beginning of time, God made Eve for Adam. We feel like we need a boyfriend by nature. We need to feel loved.

I’m at a point in my life where God is bringing me to a peace about my temporary singleness. He’s let me know that I’m not yet ready for a boyfriend. He wants me to learn to fully trust in Him and let Him have my whole heart before He allows me to give a piece of it to that guy.

But being content with my singleness does not mean I don’t wish I had a boyfriend. It’s just knowing that God has given me everything I need for right now. Some days it’s really hard and it feels like God is moving so slow. I like to say God’s love story for my life is a romantic suspense. He’s putting me in suspense as I wait for the beautiful romance he’s planned for me. And the suspense always makes for a great story and a worthy reward in the end.


  1. Just so you know, you ARE normal! I feared I'd never get married...never dated in h.s. either. I kept adding my age in my head thinking I'll never get married if I don't have a boyfriend by xx time. But God worked things out in spite of me. :) BUT you have such a great outlook on it. It will happen...God's timing. :)

  2. Loved this! I am so passionate about purity and waiting, and you sharing this is awesome! I know what you mean about feeling like your running out of time, but than I remind myself of all the heartache and such that comes with it, and it goes away...I only ever want to date my future husband! I know that sounds hard, but I sort of feel like it's what God is planning for me! I guess I'll see oneday!
    Anyways, great post, and keeping waiting girl for the prize! =D

  3. Shannon Primicerio had a terrific quote in one of her books about being single. She said to be content in our singleness was to acknowledge our lack and trust God to be enough. I'm loosely paraphrasing there. Wish I could remember which book it was in because she phrased it beautifully. :)

    Just trust that God is enough until that day comes. Easier said than done, I know. :)


  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Deb - The book is the Divine Dance and that's actually the book we're studying in our group! The quote is:
    "Contentment is being so absorbed in dancing for God and trusting him so fully that you realize you have everything you need for this leg of the dance."
    I got a lot of my inspiration for this post from that quote. :)

  5. Awesome, Sarah! For the record, you're totally not alone. I shared your fears and desires and standards when I was younger and never had a steady boyfriend until my senior year of college -- who, as it so happens, was one of my best friends while we were in high school. It's funny how things change; if I knew God had planned the skinny kid sitting next to me in band class to be the man I end up doing life with, I would have laughed. Your passion is so refreshing in a generation that increasingly lacks commitment to trusting God for his absolute best. :-)

  6. You raise some wonderful points, and I deeply appreciate your passion. There's a lot to be said for being single! Enjoy it while it lasts.


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