Shout It! Day 7 Entry

It's the last day of the online modest fashion show. Boohoo!!! :'( It's been a lot of fun!

For my last entry...I call this my free-spirted look ;D

I envy those of you who have wavy hair that actually looks good naturally. My bottom layer is wavy and my top layer is straight. So it looks kinda weird. I either have to straighten underneath, or curl the top layer. But since mechanical heat curls don't stay in my hair, I had to find another option. I found the Newave Curl Easy Pro Brush. It's easy and stays all day! {end infomercial} LOL

It looks a little funny in this one because the wind is blowing it forward, but oh well. haha =]

Back to my outfit...
Top: JCPenny
Boyfriend jeans rolled up: Old Navy
Shoes: Walmart (wore these earlier this week)


  1. I love the pictures, it really does look very free spirited :P
    Haha my hair's like that sometimes- there's waves, poufy curly hairs, and straight hair and it's just crazy. I'm going to have to check out that brush :)

  2. Thanks, ladies. =]

    Elaine: partly wavy that is. haha. I love my pants, too. =] They're so versatile!

  3. Super duper cute!! The pants are so great and I am in love with that top;)

  4. SO pretty!!
    And ILOVE your hair darling!! Its so pretty! =]

  5. My hair is like that too! Love your outfit - it's so cute and modest!


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