Shout It! Day 3 Entry

This is what I'm wearing today:

I ♥ my shortsleeve with a hood. It's kind useless, though, because if you're wearing a shortsleeve, you don't really need a hood. Oh, well. It's just fun for pictures like this. =]

Top: Kohls
Bottoms: Kohls
Shoes: Payless

I don't know about you, but I personally dislike it how modesty and fashion are so often separated. You can either be modest, or be in fashion. The media likes to glamorize fashion as showing off your body. But I believe you can be modest and fashionable at the same time! In fact, I think being modest is a fashion statement in itself. When you choose to be modest, it's like breaking away from the pack and setting the standard for the people around you. When you dress modest, you show respect to yourself, others, and God and the body he gave you for only one man (your husband/future husband) to see. 

Here are some of my favorite fashion bloggers who make modesty look fashionable!

I adore Elaine at Clothed Much. One day, I hope to be as stylish as she is! (Along over a thousand other people!)

I know of a lot of women who believe in only wearing skirts, but rarely are they fashionable. Nina at AllTumbleDown is one of the few ladies who can make that look stylish!

Who are YOUR favorite modest fashion bloggers?


  1. I like your outfit!! Definitely modest AND fashionable! :) I like Elaine and Nina's blogs also.

  2. Cute and comfy, love Nina, she's one of my faves her style is so unique!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yep, that's my style, cute and comfy! =D

    Cute outfit!!! =D

  5. I totally agree that people think you can't be stylish and modest... such an annoying stereotype! I think you've definitely broken that stereotype for those who have seen this blog. I've been thinking about doing something similar (taking pictures of what I wear the first week or so of school) to show that Christians don't have to dress like they live in Little House on the Prairie.

    And I'm sorry, this is a way late comment because I saw that you deleted "Sarah's Words of Witsdom" and I thought you just deleted it forever. I didn't know about this new title. I like it though.


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