I stood in front of a wall with a million tiny pictures spread across my eyesight, each telling a different story. I studied each one confused to the point of a headache how these could relate to each other. A glowing mother nurses her baby in one, a filthy child in a third-world country cries in another. Each picture so different. Some made my heart break and some made my heart flutter with joy. I tried to puzzle them together in my head taking each in a methodical order, only to frustrate myself. What is this supposed to be? I screamed. I don’t understand!

With my nose pressed against the wall I looked back and forth, up and down. Some of the pictures were even too high up for me to see. I’m not the tallest person, you see.  So I stepped back. Even more pictures appeared. What is this? I stamped my foot and balled my fists. I’m tired of trying to figure this out myself!

Then why are you? A voice said. I looked around but saw nothing.

Who said that? Who are you? I demanded.

I’m the Master Painter. I designed this Masterpiece which I call “Life”.

Why did you make it like this? I hate it…a lot! I could make a better painting than you could. Watch me! I whipped out my paintbrush and paint from my pocket and dipped the brush. As I lifted my brush to touch the painting, his invisible hand clutched my wrist. Hey! Let go of me! I fought to break free but his hand was strong so I gave up. What do you want from me?

I want you to take a step back, He said.

I frowned but took a step back. It was getting hard to see the pictures now.

Now another step, He coaxed.

I did. I can’t see the pictures anymore. What are you trying to do?

Stop trying to look at all the small pictures. I want you to focus on the big picture.

I adverted my perspective tried to look at it again. I took a few more steps back. I understood a little more with each step. This is how the pictures fit together! The more steps back I took a man’s face formed. Who is it?

It is my face, Said the Master Painter. By looking at the big picture, you may figured some things out, but other things are still perplexing to you. If you wait and trust in me, I will show you in my time. When you don’t understand, take the time to step back and change your perspective.

How do you need to change your perspective today?


  1. I'm so glad you are writing again! God's timing, hun. Love ya!


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