A Favorite Dress

What was your favorite article of clothing when you were a child?

I’m going to throw out a lucky guess that you answered a dress of some sort.

It was mine, too. Just the feeling of twirling around, making the skirt flow, the freedom I felt and the way it made me want to dance. But most of all, it made me feel beautiful.

But what if you didn’t have that dress? What if you never experienced that feeling of being carefree and beautiful?

In some third-world countries, the little girls don’t know the feeling of having a favorite dress. They are lucky to have more than one outfit, not to mention a pretty dress to twirl in.


Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress. What if that dress were made by you?

That’s the motto of Dress a Girl Around The World, an affiliate of Hope 4 Women International. All you need to give a little girl a favorite dress is a slight knowledge of sewing, bias tape, and a pillowcase. Yes, that’s right, what you use to cover your pillows can be a dress for a little girl in poverty.

On the site, you’ll find patterns and instructions to make a pillowcase dress. It’s easy, inexpensive, and a great way to help out!

Look at these precious faces of some girls who now have a favorite dress thanks to this organization:

Want to help out some little girls around the world? Go to http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com/


  1. Thank you Sarah for promoting our cause! With your help we really will dress girls around the world!


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