Take A Stand

Remember Cassidy Ladd from the Just Walk Across the Room skit series? Well, she's back with an amazing story on how she took a stand for what she knew was right!

the story of Cassidy Ladd as told to RTF Staff Writer Sarah Rupp

Cassidy pressed the eraser of her pencil to her lips and stared at the form for the school play. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare” lined the top of the page in big, bold lettering, and three questions followed. Checks marked the page beside the other two, but the third question had Cassidy stumped: “Do you mind kissing on stage?”

Her mind took her back to the day when she was sitting in her car and felt God leading her not to kiss until her wedding day. “To be honest, the idea just came out of the blue,” Cassidy says. “I’d never heard of anyone else doing it before. It was definitely God-led!” So Cassidy made a promise to God that she would save her first kiss for marriage.

But in that moment, staring at that piece of paper, it was one of the hardest decisions she had made. Cassidy enjoyed acting and was hoping for a lead role in this year’s play. She knew by saying no, she would not get the lead part.

She hesitated before slowly lowering her pencil to mark a check beside the word “no,” and explained her motive on the line asking why not.

“My heart really broke when I wrote that I wouldn’t kiss, [since A Midsummer Night’s Dream] was about love.” Cassidy says. “I was completely crushed because I didn’t think I’d get the part.”

To find out what happens to Cassidy, go to http://realteenfaith.com/2010/02/15/real-story-take-a-stand/.


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