My Father

Tiny warm fingers curled around mine. I looked down to find Allie looking up at me with her big blue eyes. “I want my daddy. Can you help me find him?”

I smiled. “Sure.” At that, Allie took the lead to the door, leaving the nursery and the other childcare workers. The empty halls indicated the meeting must be over, and Allie’s dad would be somewhere around here.

Allie skipped ahead, blonde curls bouncing as she searched for her father. Still holding her hand, I struggled to keep up with her. I would not be seen running through the halls of a public building!

But eventually, Allie’s pace began to slow. Then it slowed some more. Soon, we were side by side once again. “Getting tired, Allie?”

Allie stopped and looked at me, her tiny eyebrows knit together and her eyes filling with tears. “Where is my daddy? I can’t find him!”

I knelt down putting my hands on her shoulders and assured her. “We’ll find him.”

She started ahead of me again, but this time, her pace was slow, she drug her feet and her head hung, her shoulders slouched in defeat. “We’ll never find him. What if he’s not here?”

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