Conversations so empty,

Why do we even talk?

The small talk is meaningless

And what we think is meaningful is really just talking about ourselves

Our lives.

It’s all we really care about.

Because when we ask, “how are you?”

We don’t really mean it.

We think it’s a simple question and become afraid when they tell us how they really are.

When someone doesn’t smile, we avoid asking why.

We're uncomfortable with debatable topics, changing the subject.

We shy away from real life.

All we want to hear is the good.

We don’t care to listen to each other’s problems,

To just be there and be silent.

We don’t need to fix them,

There’s only so much we can really do or say.

Sometimes we can help them figure out the next step

But ask anyone.

They just want someone to listen.

So stop talking.

And when you do, mean it.

Ask a question and care to listen.

If you think speaking your mind makes an impact,

Try listening and see what happens.

Someone might not remember what you said the last time you spoke,

But someone will remember when you didn’t.

When you took the time to listen.

Maybe when no one else did,

No one else cared why she didn’t smile.


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