Book Review: The Crossing by Serita Ann Jakes

Have you ever experienced something so tragic, you couldn't forget? Where every sight, sound, or smell reminded you of a time you'd rather forget? Claudia has. 10 years ago, her teacher, friend, and confidant was murdered right before her eyes and the killer was never found.

The Crossing was a great read, full of emotional ups and downs with Claudia, her husband Victor as he re-opens the case, and their struggle to get past the pain and learn to love each other all over again.

I do have to say the first couple of chapters were a bit slow for me. After about seven chapters, the pace does start to pick up with the mystery that evidence not found during the original investigation is discovered. Many of the twists and turns in the plot surprised me, and I read a lot of suspense novels!

Serita Jakes creates a story of love, forgiveness, and putting the past behind. She certainly kept me guessing until the end who the killer was. I got close, but I never exactly hit the target bullseye. She pulled me emotionally into the case, making me not know whether to side with Claudia or Victor. She created likable characters (in fact, she had me liking one of the bad guys!). So overall, I recommend this book!

I've included two ways for you to preview the first chapter. First is visual....
The Crossing by Serita Ann Jakes (ch. 1 excerpt)

And second is an audio option. Enjoy!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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