Annie Blogs.

Hey everybody! Today I’m over at Annie Blogs! See what she has to say about me!

I met Annie at the She Speaks writer’s conference in North Carolina. My writing mentor, Shannon Primicerio and Annie are good friends, and Shannon introduced me to her. I was fortunate enough to talk to her for a couple of minutes in between seminars. She is a hoot! Annie was kind enough to let me email her with any questions I have about blogging.

So, go check out her blog!

And when you're done, come back here and head over to Real Teen Faith to read my article/interview: "A New Normal".


  1. I think Annie likes ya... just a little. :)

  2. Oh, possibly. You could be right. :)

  3. Congrats on the guest post and the interview!

  4. congrats on the guest post, and the interview.
    that's pretty amazing!
    thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog too!

  5. Annie sent your blog!


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