Leah’s Legacy

My November article for Real Teen Faith

I slouched in my seat, looking at my hands folded in my lap. Glancing over my shoulder, I hoped to see one of my friends walking through the door of the room where my church youth group meets. No such luck. I gripped my chair as I scanned the room, full of unfamiliar faces. Being a freshman is the most awkward time, and I hate it.

My heart raced faster as I spotted Leah, an older girl, coming toward me. I looked away as I tried to calm myself. She wouldn’t talk to me anyway, I thought. She’s a senior. The chair creaked beside me, and I looked up… [Read more at RealTeenFaith.com]

P.S. Check Monday for the next Meg series for those of you who wondered. :)

Also, Check out this interview I did about the Christian Writer’s Guild for Encouraging Words for Writers.

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